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The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon

Available Now!

Available from:

  • Anime Nation
  • Moon Kingdom Products of Canada.
  • Edutainment mail order catalog: 1-800-338-3844
  • We encourage everybody to ask their local retail stores to carry the game. Retail stores can contact 3VR directly at 408-954-1867 or call their distributor Micro Central for orders at 1-800-83-Micro (1-800-836-4276).
    Many thanks to Dr. Jack for sending us these beautiful scans!

    3VR New Media Design and Development has developed a Windows 95 CD-ROM game called "The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon." 3VR, who also markets an advanced 3D motion-capture system (using electronic devices to translate human movements into 3D computer movements), says that the game uses "the latest 3D technology." They estimate that they will sell over 300,000 units, but they may be overlooking the large amount of "closet moonies."

    Enough of the tech-talk; what's this game really like?
    [For official info about the game, visit 3VR's webpage]

    This is the main screen, on which the Sailor Scouts will apparently come out at the beginning and perform a dance routine to the Sailor Moon theme song. From here, you choose one of the five buildings to go to; each one takes you to a part of the game. This game is actually like five games in one:

    Magic Puzzle Room

    In this area, you choose a picture and the computer scrambles it; you then have to reorder the pieces into the original picture.

    3D Fashion Salon

    This section is reminiscent of Barbie Fashion Designer (although 3VR estimates that this game will outsell Barbie Fashion Designer); in the Fitting Room, you dress a character of your choice in various apparel, and you can take snapshots with which to make your own transformation sequence. (Ever wanted to see Sailor Moon UN-transform? Now you can!)

    Sailor Scout Files

    In this section, you can view the personal files of all the Sailor Scouts. Basically it's like what you might find on the back of the merchandise boxes, and then some. Great for if you want to know ALL about your favorite character.

    Moon TV

    In the Moon TV section, you watch Sailor Moon music-videos created by 3VR. The music is all-new, created specifically for this program. The video is taken from the North American version of the show. Now you don't have to run out to an Anime convention to see Sailor Moon music videos!

    Crystal Fighting Arena

    This is a DOOM-like mini-game where you run around a 3D arena, shooting crystals and monsters with the Moon Crescent Wand. Depending on how it comes out, this could be the best part of the game for many people.

    Virtual Space Ship

    It's, it's... a spaceship. That's all we know about it. No, really! It's mentioned on the front of the box, it's pictured on the back of the box... but that's it. I guess some surprises will be revealed when the game comes out, huh?

    Syetem Requirements:

  • Pentium 90 MHz or Faster PC running Windows95
  • 16 MB memory
  • 2X CD-ROM
  • 256-color SVGA card
  • Sound Card